"Julian's Style, My Way: Lucy Julian"

March 23, 2020 1 min read

"Julian's Style, My Way: Lucy Julian"

We’ve decided to start a new blog that we are calling “The Edit”, and along with it we are introducing the first addition to our new series “Julian’s Style, My Way”, starring Lucy Julian.

A few weeks ago, we sat down with Lucy, granddaughter to our founder, Maurice Julian, to discuss her style and how she likes to dress up/down pieces from the shop. We were in for a surprise when she came in town with her precious little gem, Dipsea. Check out the video below:


 While describing her personal style, Lucy remarks,

"I try not to be too trendy. I try to find pieces that I can hold onto for a few seasons at least. [My style] is casual but sophisticated at times. It really depends on where I'm going, but I try to look pulled together"

She goes on to talk about Julian's and how she views the store to be important for the community:

"Julian's is such a fun place because I don't think there are many other places you can shop that have the same personal attention for the customer. What I love that my mom always says is that a lot of the pieces are investment pieces, so i feel that there is a philosophy that invites you to look at [an item]... as something that is going to be an expression of you."


For the full interview, please watch the full video above!

Stay tuned for our next iteration of "Julian's Style, My Way"!

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