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"Purveyors to Carolina Royalty since 1942," when Mary and Maurice Julian first opened their doors to set the highest standards in good taste and quality. A true haberdashery, Maurice brought Ivy League style from his native New England to Chapel Hill. Mary, a renowned Tarheel beauty, taught Maurice that folks in the South East liked great colors. The resulting merger begat "Preppie," and a long tradition of fashion leadership that continues to this day. 

Always an innovator, Maurice thrived on unique and exclusive new examples of "Creative Traditional." He personally designed many of the store's best sellers, an accomplishment that not only insured the specialness of each product, but paved the way for his son Alexander to follow in his well-heeled footsteps.

When Maurice died in 1993, the stewardship passed to daughter Missy Julian Fox and her husband Michael Fox. They lovingly nurtured the Julian's tradition until 2007. While Missy is now the exemplary Director of the UNC Visitors Center, and Michael is back in real estate, they remain important Ambassadors at Large for the family store.

Fall 2007 is when the latest phase of Julian's traditions evolved. Missy's big brother Alex took the reins and doubled the size of the store in its new, current location across the street. The 135 East Franklin St. location is also the site of Alex's very first store, Alexander's Ambition, which opened in 1969 and closed in 1975 when Alex moved to New York to successfully pursue his international career in fashion and home furnishings design.