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Bart Fox

About Bart Fox, our Custom Clothing Expert

As the third generation and Grandson of Founder, Maurice Julian, Bart was raised in the shop. Helping his grandparents, Mary & Maurice, and later his parents, Michael & Missy operate the business. All through his life he has worked on and off in the store.  From his first official title as 'Sweeper & Window Cleaner' at age 5 to 'Sales Associate & Assistant Buyer' by age 14, he gained an invaluable education of not only the way to conduct business, but most importantly, how to treat people.
After graduating with a degree in design and working as a professional interior designer, Bart gained further experience as a Custom clothing fitter at Saks Fifth Avenue. Realizing his true passion, in 2010 Bart returned to Julian's to manage the menswear and run the custom clothing side of the business. He brought with him both a desire and expertise to work with the highest quality artisans in the world while offering a wide range of luxury & workhorse fabrics.  After more than a decade, Bart has increased the entire scope of possibilities able to be offered to his clientele.  Having been part of the business over the course of four decades, one of Bart's favorite things is fitting the next generation of former and current customers.  Whether it is flying across the country to fit a Fortune 500 CEO or fit someone's very first suit, his attention to detail remains steadfast.